Welcome to BeachHouseBrewing.com ! 

I created this site as an outlet for my interests in homebrewing and the exploding craft beer industry. I want this to be a place to share my thoughts on topics and trends related to crafting beer, commercial craft brews, craft brewers (professional and at-home) and aggregate news from around the beer world. From time to time I may mix in some other topics that have a connection to beer. I hope that the site will be informative and offer a place for other craft beer enthusiasts to connect and share.

About me:

I am a thirty-something lifelong Chicagoan. I'm happily married (9 years) and have a son currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We have a part-time brewdog named Mr. Nuts. 

I have a "gently-used" degree in Journalism. I have dabbled, quite poorly, in the art of banjo playing and I am an internet ordained minister that has performed three marriages for family and friends. 

In addition to beer and homebrewing I enjoy baseball (Cubs), basketball (Bulls), football (Bears), reading magazines & books, cooking/grilling. I have an odd fascination with all things paper. I can never have enough pocket notebooks (Field Notes are awesome) and the associated pens, pencils, etc.

I have many other quirks and interests that I won't list but may be explored on the site at some point.

Thanks for reading!   


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